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A Corona Virus Help Book for Kids (and their pets)

Psychotherapist Ana Gomez creates free book to teach kids coping superpowers for dealing with COVID-19

“Power 6: We can cocoon like the caterpillar and spend time with ourselves and the people and pets really close to us. The butterfly reminds us that in yucky and difficult times we may just be building our wings.”

Ana Gomez's The Story of the Oyster and the Butterfly: The Corona Virus and Me describes twelve powers kids can use during this unprecedented time. Beautifully illustrated by Sergio Aguirre, the free, downloadable e-book features a multi-cultural assortment of kids and multi-species collection of critters, including the expected oyster and butterfly noted in the title, as well as a gorilla. Print it out for activities pages kids can do to get in touch with their feelings, thoughts, and bodies. Download the book here

Ana M Gomez, MC, LPC born in Colombia (South America) is a psychotherapist in private practice, author of several books, chapters and articles, and a lecturer internationally known for her innovative work with children and adolescents.


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