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Is Your Feline Sending Divine Signs?

Are cats on their own spiritual paths to enlightenment? Here are four divine signs your feline might be sending you.

For Spirituality & Health Magazine

From the Egyptians to the Incas to the Chinese, diviners through history observed cat actions to predict future events.

I was raised in a cat house. Not the raunchy kind. The type of Midwestern bilevel house painted an awful shade of pale yellow popular in the 1970s—with a chain-link fence to keep us safe from dog-loving neighbors. No pooches ever graced our home; instead, we were blessed with a string of rescued felines from the local humane society.

I don’t recall ever receiving a manual for how to live with a cat. We figured it out as we went along, making childish presumptions that―if I had access to time travel―I’d like to undo. For example, subjecting our first cat, Him, to endless runway (or better said, driveway) shows dressed in our doll’s clothes.

Luckily, through the years, I acquired more knowledge about cats. And as I became more spiritual, it seemed the cats around me did too, joining me regularly for meditation. The ever-curious Buba-ji is currently quite keen on my tarot cards. Is he tuned in to the sacred? Mystically oriented? Are cats on their own spiritual paths to enlightenment?. .... Read the full article on


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