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Roadside Blessings: Conscious Driving Practices for Animal Lovers

Tips for keeping animals safe on the roads near you

For Spirituality & Health Magazine

“Roadkill breaks my heart because we act as if we have no responsibility. We may feel upset, or sad, or guilty, but often drive off trying to leave the memory behind with the little furry lump. If that body were our baby, friend, or romantic partner, we certainly wouldn’t.”

Many afternoons after elementary school, my mother would yell “SARAH!” from the kitchen upon opening my lunchbox and finding yet another dead chipmunk. Raised as a preacher’s kid with intimate knowledge of funeral homes, I would insist on the critter’s burial. Unhindered by her protests, my connection with the more-than-human world remained, and I entombed each animal gently in a small service ending with “May the Force be with you.” Lurking neighbors would inform me, “Those are just animals. They should learn to stay off the road.” Folding my arms across my chest, I felt increasingly disconnected from those around me as I tried to hide what I felt, embarrassed by both my burials and blessings. Then I met the man who would become my husband. ... Read the full article on

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