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Wild Lovingkindness: Creating Mettā Connections

5 mettā moment starters, plus a practice for reflecting on your wild connections.

For Spirituality & Health Magazine

“We can practice wild lovingkindness to extend beyond one being, beyond humanity.”

If you are anything like me, your shelf overfloweth with books on forest bathing, rewilding, animal meditations, and wilderness practices. Most encourage us to ditch our phones, grab our packs, and head out to connect with “nature.” We act as if this nature is some thing of which we are not a part. And, yet, many of our spiritual traditions suggest that is not the case. As theologian Carol Wayne White suggests, “Humans are relational processes of nature. ... We are nature made aware of itself.”

We are nature. We are animal. We are wild.

This is our meta-awareness..... Read the full article on


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