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This Is Why Your Spirituality Isn't Actually About You

Once we understand that we are connected to a greater whole, "we spirituality" opens our eyes to those around us in peril or pain.

For mindbodygreen

“After we commit to our own wellness, many of us extend into spirituality. As we do, it's crucial that our spiritual lives are not about merely chasing personal joy, serenity, and bliss. Because when we constrain our spirituality to ourselves, we rob us all of what can happen when we're united for a higher purpose, whether it's addressing poverty and global warming, encouraging compassion and inclusivity, or tackling any of the other topics weighing on our spirits."

According to a Pew Research Center study, only 39 percent of U.S. adults consider themselves "highly religious." Until recently, Pew categorized those who couldn't neatly check a box for a mainstream religion as "nones." Yet the researchers were missing a key point: Many who didn't fit easily into the surveys were becoming increasingly spiritual. Our definition of religion was expanding. We were redefining what sacred, spiritual, and religious meant for us. We were driving spiritual freedom of choice. ... Read the full article on

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